A Day In Quarantine

As of today, we’ve been “Sheltering in Place” in California for 10 weeks now. Initially, a respite from the long commute and school hours was wonderful. Yet, as the days passed the idea of not having a fixed routine or meal prepping got a little crazy and so as always I set of on a mission to do what I do best- plan plan and plan!

I have now started planning most of my days with atleast a rough idea. Sometimes, they do change on a whim but I still feel some sort normalcy knowing there is a routine or planned day ahead of me. So, here is a little peek into my day in quarantine. It is active, fun, hearty and full. I hope you find some inspiration to form a little routine for yourself. (Especially, considering that we may be in partial lock down until September!)

I have chosen to write about a weekend since those seem to drag forever for most people. Without having mornings to work from home and no plans to meet friends or family, I find weekends go much slower than usual so I devised an hourly plan to ensure I am making the most of my day.

8:00-10:00 a.m. – Breakfast

I am an early riser, always have been so I get up and head straight to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. Being in quarantine has helped me really sit down and enjoy my breakfast every morning. For today, I made simple, yummy summer smoothie and oatmeal!

10:00 a.m.- Noon- Self-Care

As a result of poor diet and years of using straighteners, curlers and not caring for my hair at all, it had become dry, brittle and falling in crazy amounts!! There is no doubt that quarantine has improved my diet and given me more time to care for my body. Now, every Saturday I alternate between a hair oil massage (which I leave overnight) and a fenugreek (methi) hair mask. (which I leave on for an hour) I am not exaggerating when I say in just a few weeks, my hair fall has drastically reduced and my hair looks thicker, stronger and denser. Doing the oil massage and the methi mask regularly is a game changer! Your hair will be smooth, soft and luscious! Go on, give it a try!

1:00-3:00p.m- Saturdays are for Indulgence

Living thousands of miles away from family hasn’t always been easy. I have lost touch with many cousins and friends because the time difference is so crazy. So, quarantine has again come to the rescue. I don’t worry about the time difference as much and have been able to re-connect with family over games and zoom chill sessions. This weekend, my friend who is an amazing baker decided to host a baking session over zoom! This was seriously so much fun!! All my cousins from the U.K. and Malav and I got together to make brownies. All you need to do is ensure that everyone has the ingredients ready and measured before the session starts and then the host (in our case, Roshni gave us the instructions to make sure we made the perfect batch of brownies)

This is a great way to re-connect with friends and family and have the whole family involved in some way. Even the little ones, would love this activity. The ingredients are minimal and you end up with a great batch of brownies at the end while talking and laughing virtually!

P:S. Don’t forget to check out my friend’s Instagram page-@theegglessbrownie, legit she makes the best egg-free desserts ever and hosts plenty of live Instagram baking sessions that you can be a part of !!

Brownie Recipe by @theegglessbrownie

3:00- 5:00 p.m.- You Time

We are lucky to have the gift of time so let’s use it as effectively as possible. For some that might just be taking a long nap or curling with a book. For others, it might be pursuing lost hobbies- painting, playing a musical instrument, sewing, knitting, digital art- literally just about anything! Whatever you do, make sure it is fully, selfishly all for you. For me, my time is scrapbooking all my holidays. It is a beautiful way to reminisce my happiest holiday moments and getting creative with different papers, photos and layouts is so relaxing. I have used this quarantine time to catch up on all my pending scrapbooking and wholeheartedly enjoyed every minute of it.

Hong Kong Scrapbook Page
Yellowstone Scrapbook Page Holiday with our Friends!

5:00-6:00 p.m- Exercise

Working out is so important! Malav and I have been working out with my personal trainer Sabyna Passi (I’ve spoken a little about her training in my previous post– she is seriously amazing!) over zoom three times a week and on days we don’t have training, we tend to go for a short hike. We are so grateful for the lush trails and hills that surround us and grateful that we are able to find the time to explore our vicinity because of the lockdown. Our hikes are therapeutic and have been so much fun! It is hard being holed up at home all day so I highly encourage you all to find some form of exercise to keep you active and mentally and physically stimulated.

Beyond grateful for the best hike views!
Real California Beauty Right Here!

6:00-8:00 p.m. -Dinner

For dinner, I made some yummy fusion enchiladas. I have blogged the recipe in a separate post which you can find in the link below! It’s a such a quick and easy recipe but so tasty!

8:00-9:00 p.m.- Fun Activities

Finally, to end our day, Malav and I decide on what activity we would like to do. Our activities rotate between spending an hour or two watching television, completing a 3000 piece puzzle, playing board games, cards or playing online games such as clue hunt and code names with friends over Zoom.

Underwater Puzzle- 3000 pieces
Perfect Lockdown Evening Activity

Quarantining is honestly not boring when planned properly. It is a wonderful way to pursue old and new hobbies. It is a great way to re-connect with faraway friends and family and even with your loved ones in your own home. I hope you’ve find some inspiration to plan your quarantine day through this post. xxx

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dipti Mehta says:

    Excellent plan ,inclusive all likings and very enjoyable.keep inspiration to plan each moment properly.


  2. Mansi Mehta says:

    Such a fun yet productive way to spend quarantine! Definitely taking notes on how I can plan my days too!


  3. Krina says:

    The brownie bake-along was epic! Super jealous of the beautiful places you can go walking near your house 🙌


  4. Shailesh says:

    Well organized day with careful planning ,you feel every hour well spent


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