Game Night Ideas

We hosted our first casual game-night of the year and that got me thinking about all the must-dos for hosting a great get-together and so here I am with pointers on making sure you a memorable evening of fun with your friends.


First things first- think of your audience and how you relate to them. Malav and I are are the most laid-back game players. We aren’t competitive enough and mostly give up before then game is even halfway done…so think of the kind of people you want to invite. And more importantly, the kind of games you want to play. The only time we legit get crazy competitive is over Black Queen or Taboo. You want the atmosphere in the house to be fun and stress-free so choose your audience & games well!


It’s game-night and not a full blown themed party so keep the decor simple and casual. A simple tablecloth on the dining table, some funky cutlery, scented candles and ambient lighting is enough to make your home look warm and inviting.


Finger food, light appetizers & snacks are the winners when it comes to hosting game-night. Nothing kills a good game night than people sitting at a formal dining table and trying to play, or you’re too busy preparing a meal and running to time the oven on and off….you know the drill. Keep the snacks light and plenty and people can enjoy it at their own pace. Cold food is essential as you don’t want to be constantly distracted from your game by needing to warm up food. For our games night- I planned tortillas & dips, mini cupcakes (everyone likes something sweet!), cheese & olives plate, chutney sandwiches and chana chaat. Additional nibbles like popcorn, biscuits, cut fruits are obviously vital too.


When organizing game night think of all the things you may need and have it handy. Paper, pens are essential- either to write down scores, or plenty if you intend on playing games like Pictionary. Others include- enough seating. Think of your house and how many people you are hosting and pull out chairs, ottomans, comfy rug etc if you think people will be need the extra space to lounge and sit.

Finally, use this opportunity to showcase your amazing hosting skills and let your secret event planner out. A little bit of creativity goes a long way either in your invite or winner gifts or personalized wine glasses! Enjoy!

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