Oahu Memories

Our trip to Oahu was special for completely different reasons. From being avid travelers where we were making taking short holidays every other month to not being able to travel for the most of 2020 definitely felt different. So much had happened (for us) in the past year that taking a trip to a balmy and vibrant island became more and more appealing.

And so on a whim, we took our Covid-19 tests, booked flights and had our little escape in beautiful Oahu! We are so glad we made the decision to go because the weather was perfect, the beaches that would otherwise have been crowded were practically empty and hotels were extremely cheap.

This post is in no way to encourage traveling during Covid. Being at home is the SAFEST option. However, if you really must escape after a whirlwind of a year then I hope this post provides you with some information and inspiration.

Birds Eye View of Oahu

Hotel: We stayed at the beautiful Laylow Autograph Collection in the Waikiki area. The hotel was stunning and all areas of the hotel were being cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day. Room service was provided only if you felt comfortable. Hotel guests were respectful and kept appropriate distance. Everyone also wore masks in the common areas. In addition to that, the service provided was top notch and the rooms were so dreamy. I highly recommend this hotel for their excellent service, wonderful location and stunning boho-chic decor.

Beautiful Room at The Laylow Autograph Collection
Image Credit: The Laylow Autograph Collection

Day 1: Waikiki

On our first day we spent exploring the Waikiki area. We walked around beaches sipping yummy cocktails and soaking in the wonderful weather. We were also meeting our friends from New York so it was a great day of catching up after months of not seeing each other.

Food Spot: Island Vintage Coffee for a delicious brunch!

A wonderful way to re-unite.
Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Day 2: North Shore

Oahu’s infamous North Shore is a hotspot for thousands of visitors and locals alike. It is an area covered with white sand beaches, dramatic landscapes, surfers paradise and excellent food trucks and shacks. Some of the not-to-miss beaches here are Sunset Beach, Sharks Cove, Waimea Bay and ofcourse Laniakea Beach (aka Turtle Beach). The weather was beautiful on the Northshore and if we had more time, I would have loved to split my stay between the Waikiki and Northshore area to give us more time to explore this slice of paradise.

Pineapple Plantation: For the other half of the day we spent exploring the famous Dole Pineapple Plantation. The plantation is a total tourist trap but still really fun, especially when traveling with small kids. The Ohana train takes you through the plantation where you can see fields of pineapples being grown and then other wide variety of tropical trees. Another very fun activity is the pineapple maze. It is the largest maze in the world so if that’s something that fascinates you then visiting the plantation is a must. For me, the highlight was the Pineapple Split. It was nothing short of a delightful and fruity treat!

Dessert for Lunch? YES PLEASE!!

Food Spots: We really liked The Beetbox Cafe for their very fun and extensive vegan/vegetarian menu. The food was flavorful and portions were huge!

Day 3: Windward Coast

Today we spent the day driving through the Kualoa Ranch on ATVs. This ranch is a must-see because of the Ka’a’ awa Valley which is the location for Jurassic Park and many other movies. Pictures will never do justice to its beauty so I highly recommend visiting the ranch when in Oahu. After spending a couple of hours we drove to the Byodo-In Buddhist temple nestled in the Ko’olau  Mountain valley. The sound of the gong, koi ponds and the fresh air from the mountain made this temple so serene and peaceful.

Byodo-In Temple, Oahu

Day 4: Halona Blowhole Lookout The Halona Blowhole is Hawaii’s natural wonder, created thousands of years ago formed from volcanic eruptions. During the whale season (December-April), whales are often spotted from the lookout. Just below the scenic lookout is the iconic Halona Beach cove which is covered with people sun bathing and swimming in the calmer waters near the shore. Dont miss out on this natural wonder when in Oahu!

Day 5: Koko Crater Trail

The Koko Crater Trail or “Stairway to Heaven” is a super strenuous hike in Oahu. The hike is a steep climb on very uneven railroads to the top of the Koko Head crater. It is often crowded and at times risky but the views are unparalleled. I highly recommend reading plenty of reviews and blogs before undertaking this hike and definitely avoid it on rainy days. At the end though, you will be rewarded with dazzling views of the Honululu shoreline so it is well worth the challenge.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this post and now have some ideas for your own trip to beautiful Oahu! Please share your comments if you’ve enjoyed this post and gained some inspiration xxx

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