Hong Kong Home Decor

After my post on Indian Bazaars, it would be a shame to not do a post on Hong Kong home decor stores & markets so here I am! I love collecting home items from different countries as it is a way of adding wonderful snippets of travel memories into our everyday life.

Having researched home stores in Hong Kong made me realise that there is a huge potential for (and lack of) trendy home stores currently available. Two of the seven stores that I visited (Allure Living & Habitat) have permanently closed and one of the stores closed it’s retail space and focused solely on online commerce. However, what I found even more surprising is that an increasing number of  expats were looking to tap into this market by providing minimalist, chic and modern products that would appeal to the younger, more vibrant Hong Kong population.

One such store; iDecorate opened by Australian expat Shana Buchanan seems to be doing extremely well. Speaking to Shana, she emphasised the lack of quirky and fun stores that are  currently present in Hong Kong and took this opportunity to start her online platform 6 years ago.  Today, her store has introduced it’s own furniture line and has a dedicated retail space in the heart of the city in the Times Square building. Shana states that her products sell because they make people smile and just entering her store it becomes obvious just how lively and colourful her designs are. From quirky cushions to bright rugs, from cute wall art to funky tableware- her store stocks it all! If you’re ever in Hong Kong, don’t forget to visit this store. And, just in case you can’t wait then iDecorate’s online platform ships worldwide!

iDecorate store in Times Square Building, Hong Kong.  Image via @iDecorate 
Bright Collection of Throw Pillows In Time for Summer! Image via @iDecorate

Another store that focuses on trendy products for a more affluent lifestyle is Japan’s Franc Franc.  This is one of the more popular home decor shop in Hong Kong with multiple stores across the city. Their collection is sophisticated and trendy, albeit on the pricier side. Their products range from decorative accessories from bath to kitchen and everyday items such as travel products, statement furniture pieces, simple kitchenware and storage solutions. My favourite item from their store is the John’s Blend ‘White Musk’ room mist which smells absolutely heavenly! Replace those Febreze’s in your home with this blend and you will not look back!

Franc Franc store in CityPlaza, Hong Kong

Finally, for a more authentic shopping experience in Hong Kong- The Ladies Market holds amongst other things; a plethora of traditional Chinese crockery, beautiful vases and random decor items that is sure to add a touch of Hong Kong charm to your home. The added advantage is that this market is extremely inexpensive and you can keep bargaining until you are satisfied with the price you are paying! If you are visiting Hong Kong, then be sure to come with an empty suitcase and spend  at-least half a day shopping at this market!

Celebrating our 1st Anniversary at the Ladies Market, Hong Kong
Ceramic Sushi Set for 2 for USD 15.00 from Ladies Market, Hong Kong

I also had a chance to visit a few more stores but don’t find them worth mentioning in detail as they were not as interesting or are available in other European and American countries such as Ikea, H & M Home and Bathe to Basics.  If you have more time on your visit to Hong Kong and would like to explore more home decor stores then check out Hong Kong Bloggers’ Sassy Girls post on Best Homeware Stores in Hong Kong!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and stay tuned for many more blogs in the future! xoxo

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  1. Mansi says:

    Amazing post! Always wanted to go to Hong Kong, will definitely be visiting these stores when I go 🙂

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    1. remakingivy says:

      So glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

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  2. Sarita says:

    The Ladies market sounds like a fab place to pick up some goodies! Good to know – thanks!

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  3. Sherul Mehta says:

    I’m considering going to HK in September and this is a very insightful post. Extremely well written and very interesting. Looking forward to more such posts when you travel around the world.


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