Our Front Porch

Months after we had settled into our home, the front door still looked miserable. For the longest time, it didn’t even strike how boring it looked because we never used it! But, with Christmas only a few weeks away where we will be hosting friends and family, I knew I had to modify the look instantly!

I would have loved to have an elaborate holiday front porch, but, unfortunately we decided to save money this year and not spend much on holiday decor. So, I looked for an easy fix to spruce the entrance to our new home.

I hit my favourite store, Target for front door mats. After picking this beautiful checked mat (which totally looks like it’s made for the holidays!), I worked the rest of the elements around this mat to tie it all together for the perfect holiday entrance.

I found these two beautiful pots from Plant and Pottery Outlet store at a steal! For something that would easily be worth over $100 from retail shops, we got ours for $50. We then planted Cyclamens into the pot that we got at a discount from a local nursery. My husband and I are both awful at gardening or caring for plants so this flower was perfect for us as it is low maintenance. Without any sunlight and just watering it once a week- it’s grown beautifully!


Even with the door mat and pots, the front door looked dull. If it were upto me, I would paint it a bright red but with HOA restrictions and a tight budget- the only solution was to cover the door as much as possible. With wreaths on display everywhere, it was the perfect idea. Besides, nothing screams holiday season than beautifully lit up wreaths at the front door. It was a no-brainer that I would go for the most elaborate wreath, that was until I saw the not-so-cute prices! Luckily, I stepped into Michaels at the right time where they had half prices on most products and picked up this stunning wreath. My husband then added string lights from Amazon to complete the look.


In the end, I picked up a rustic wooden board and re-usable stencil from Michaels. With some left over paint and a mason jar from a previous project- I created this board to hang at the front door. The quote is perfect reminder to get everyone in the mood for the holidays and the string lights in the mason jar and around the board really complete the look!


Below I have listed the retail price for each items used, for me, I saved money from Michaels when I bought everything on discount. It’s worthwhile looking at discount/promo codes wherever possible to make your money stretch further!

Despite our frugal budget, I am extremely happy at how the front door turned out. I would love to hear what you think of our entrance? Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments! xoxo

Complete this look: 

Door Mat $10.99- Target 

2x Black Pots $50- Plant & Pottery Outlet

4x Cyclamens $9- Armstrong Garden Centers

Fall Wreath $12- (Out of stock) Michaels

Wooden Board $8.49- Michaels

Re-usable Stencils (set of two) $9.99- Michaels

String Lights $8.99- Amazon

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  1. Sona says:

    I love that you have listed where I can buy these items and at such a great price too! Need to make a trip to Target (which is my favourite store also) this weekend for this door mat can’t wait! 😀


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