The Perfect Rug!

Hi you guys! Today I’m sharing all the latest ideas on decorating with rugs. For those following @remakingivy Instagram story will know that we finally got rid of our old/smelly carpets and put in wooden flooring throughout the house. Unfortunately, the removal of carpets also strips your home of that cozy, warm feeling but luckily we have RUGS to the rescue!

Beautiful & Bright- Image & Rug from Boutique Rugs

The tricky part for most people when choosing a rug is not selecting the pattern or color but how to select the perfect sized rug and more importantly, where to find a good quality ‘budgeted’ rug?  Below, I have combined all the research from design pros and personal experience to help you select your perfect rug!

Size & Placement:

Figuring where to place rugs in our home was straightforward for me- I knew I wanted  a rug in all three of our bedrooms and a rug for the landing and entryway. However, deciding on which size of rug to place where was super tricky! So, obviously I took help from my favorite design hero! After looking through multiple blogs-StudioMcgee’s concise list has become my go-to size guide for rugs!


Price Price & Price!! 

As first time home owners- we know all too well the feeling of home expenses going crazy. Suddenly it’s not just rent (mortgage) you have to worry about; but, property taxes, bills, home insurance, HOA fees and the cycle never ends!! With growing expenses- it seems easy to disregard spending on the appearance of your home and let’s be real the last thing you’d want to spend on is a ‘rug’- they’re definitely not a necessity especially if you have wall-to-wall carpet. However, rugs make the entire room look cohesive. They add warmth, color and so much dimension to the room! Besides, with so many affordable rug stores and layering trends-it’s easy to get the designer look without breaking the bank.

Neutral Rugs are Always Timeless! Image via: Emily Henderson 

Here are some of my favorite affordable rug stores!

Boutique Rugs: 

We got our gorgeous runner for the landing from here and it’s absolutely heavenly. It feels soft, plush and adds so much color to the dark space and doesn’t shed at all! Boutique Rugs has become my go-to place for rugs because I find that they have a wide range of styles and sizes at mostly very very affordable prices without compromising on the quality!

Harput HAP-1013 Area Rug used in our Landing Area from Boutique Rugs
Main Rug-3
The Gorgeous Boutique Rug Runner!


Like Boutique Rugs- Rugs USA also hold a wide range of styles and sizes of rugs at excellent prices. I particularly like their collection of Bohemian rugs which are super whimsical and colorful that they are a sure way of adding a vintage or eclectic look to any living space in your home.

Boho Rugs from Rugs USAImage by: Kira Gulley via Rugs USA


Online stores like E-rugs, Overstock & Wayfair often have great deals on rugs especially during holiday sales. Amazon is another great place to source good quality rugs. They usually stock a wide range of designs; albeit in limited size options however you’re sure to get a great bargain on those rugs!

Other retail stores to find affordable rugs include Target, Home Goods, World Market, Walmart & Ikea. These stores don’t keep a wide range of patterns so I usually use these stores when hunting for outdoor rugs.

Newport Beach Home Remodel
Use Rugs to Zone Out Different Areas of Your Home.Image via: Lindye Galloway Interiors 

Rug Tips:

I can’t emphasize this enough- but always purchase a rug pad with your rug. Ideally the rug pad needs to be one inch smaller on either side than the size of your rug. For example, if your rug is a 8×10- the rug pad should be 7×9. We got a rug for our landing without the rug pad and although it was thick and great quality- it just wouldn’t stop slipping! Rug pads are not only vital for adding stability but they also add a plushness for your feet without you having to spend more for a plusher, softer rug!

Always look at reviews when purchasing rugs from Online stores. This is because the last thing you want is to have a large rug shipped to your home, only to find that it sheds constantly and you’re forever stuck vacuuming and cleaning those fibers that fly all across the house! Having said that some natural fiber rugs like Jute and Chenile will always shed a little initially but that should go down within a few months. Natural fiber rugs look beautiful in homes that have a bohemian, tropical or eclectic look. They are also extremely popular for layering since they are super affordable and help balance the the look against a color and pattern heavy rug.

Natural Fiber Rugs used Very Effectively as LayeringImage Source: Unknown
Using Natural Fiber Rugs as a Blank Canvas in Any Home.Image via: Studio Mcgee 

Finally, buy smart!- make use of holiday sales and discount days to get your rugs at even better prices! Also, don’t buy all your rugs at the same time. Try one and see if you love the feel, look and design of it. Try another rug from a flea market or from a different store orrr even better-from a different country! Rug shopping is a bit like shopping for exclusive art pieces. The process should be enjoyable, personal and fun so that ultimately you’re left with a curated collection that will add a tasteful elegance to your home!

P.S: Thanksgiving sales will be out soon at most of these stores! Happy Rug Shopping 😉

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  1. Sona says:

    Great read! I will definately buy a rug pad with my rugs as you suggested – thank you for the tip as i hadn’t considered it before! Looking forward to the next blog for more useful ideas 🙂

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  2. Shailesh says:

    Very informative article on rugs

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  3. Avishikta Banerjee says:

    The rug which you chose from boutique rug is beautiful and I am definitely taking some inspiration from here. Love your blog and looking forward for more home decor tips in the future!


  4. Krina says:

    Love your ideas especially about where to place a rug for maximum effect!


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