Pa- Pa- Paradise in Maldives!

White sandy beaches, lush green palm trees and clear turquoise waters- combined with friendly locals, excellent hospitality and delicious food- Can you imagine a more dreamy escapade? Maldives offers ALL this and so much more..I feel really lucky to have witnessed paradise (literally!) for our honeymoon last year and can’t wait to share all the details with you!

Aerial 5
Gateway to Tropical Paradise

Maldives, officially known as the Republic of Maldives is a a tropical country in the Indian Ocean comprising of 1,192 islands making it world’s largest dispersed country. Majority of these islands are inhabited and provide a beautiful breeding ground for a range of species such as seabirds and turtles. However, many islands, in recent years, have been occupied by tourist resorts and boutique hotels to cater for the growing number of visitors year after year.

As a result of the large number of islands and hotels available; finding the right type of accommodation for your needs (family holiday, honeymoon, solo traveller etc) and at the right price point can be overwhelming! For my husband (Malav) and I, we simply didn’t have the time to research for our honeymoon. He was busy wrapping his work so that he could take a stress-free wedding vacation and I was too bogged down by wedding planning! Luckily, we came across Make Plans Holidays , a leading specialist tour operator for the Maldives. With some basic research and a phone call to the company, we were convinced that they were the right fit for our honeymoon booking.

What Heaven Must Look Like!
Sting Rays On The Beach at Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef

For our stay we chose Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef .There really is no dearth of luxury resorts in Maldives. But, we found Vivanta to be the perfect choice for a few reasons:

-Food Options: Being a vegetarian, we were told that Taj properties offer the best choice of food that would cater to our needs. Other hotels also provide vegetarian food, however not as extensively as Taj Exotica & Vivanta do.

-Scuba Diving: Malav is an avid deep sea diver and the facilities for scuba diving at Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef  are like no other. With an authentic ship wreck that is home to stunning corals and thousands of fish, it is little surprise that this is resort is a scuba diver’s haven! The hotel also offers snorkeling, sting ray feeding, canoeing and submarine experiences for the less adventurous!

-Price Point: We envisioned our honeymoon of things only dreams are made of…white sandy toes, sun-kissed faces, relaxing spas, magical sunsets and starry skies- and all this came true for a price that fit our pockets! It is no secret that Maldives can be an expensive holiday destination, however, Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef offers some of the best rates for those looking to enter paradise without breaking the bank (by too much!)

27651527-H1-Charm-Beach Villa 2
Our Dreamy Ocean Villa, Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef, Maldives
Found My Perfect Reading Spot!
Private Dining 1
The Only Way to Fine Dine- Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef

In addition to the competitive rates that Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef already offer, we found that our booking through Make Plans Holidays gave us additional advantages:

-As a specialized tour operator, Make Plans Holidays has pre-contracted rates with multiple hotels within Maldives, ensuring that we or any of their clients never have to overpay for hotel bookings!

-Majority of their bookings include transport, breakfast & dinner. This is so vital as food and transport within Maldives is extremely expensive, so it’s really worth getting an all-inclusive to avoid paying out-of-pocket on the island.

-Their insatiable passion for the Maldives is reflected in the smallest details and they use this expertise and knowledge of over 20 years; to bring to their clients what Maldives truly is- an opportunity to experience PARADISE!

-Client satisfaction is immensely important to Make Plans Holidays. We found this right from our first phone call to when we arrived home. From hassle-free bookings to a surprise sunset cruise with wine and dessert in Maldives- they really did go out of their way to ensure that we have the most perfect honeymoon!

Jiva Spa Entrance 3
Jiva SPA Entrance- Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef, Maldives
The Best Conversations Take Place by the Beach

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about our honeymoon experience. Thanks to the helpfulness of our travel provider- Make Plans Holidays & the excellent hospitality at Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef, we truly had the most dreamy vacation and have no reservations in recommending either company to those looking to book their share of (Maldivian) Paradise! xoxo

*Disclosure: This blog post is NOT sponsored by Make Plans Holidays or Vivanta by Taj-Coral Reef. This post reflects my honest and personal opinion about our Maldivian Honeymoon. 

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  1. Really beautiful photos. Hope you had a great honeymoon!


    1. remakingivy says:

      Thank you!! We really did have a magical honeymoon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sona mehta says:

    Truly looks like paradise! Great post and photos, hopefully can book a luxurious holiday with Make Plans Holidays one day too 😀


  3. Mansi says:

    Such magical pictures! Looks like you guys had an amazing time. Maldives has always been on my bucket list, will definitely keep Make Plans Holidays in mind.


    1. remakingivy says:

      Thank you! I hope you can visit soon 🙂


  4. Beautiful pictures and Maldives looks amazing! Very well written and described! Would really want to visit the place after having heard so much from you!


    1. remakingivy says:

      Thanks Urvisha! I hope you can visit soon! It really is the most magical place 😊


  5. dentryst says:

    Love the way you’ve blogged this beautiful place. Can’t wait to plan a holiday and explore it!


    1. remakingivy says:

      @dentryst- so glad you liked the blog! I hope you can visit the Maldives soon. It’s such a magical place 🙂


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